Who comes first in a competition of creditors


This question is very common and frequent among those who see [...]

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Voluntary insolvency proceedings


The existing bankruptcy law distinguishes two types of Declaration of [...]

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Phases of the insolvency proceedings


The judicial process for the handling of a contest [...]

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Interview chain COPE competition of creditors express

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Voluntary insolvency proceedings. Liquidation


As we have said in other articles, contests [...]

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Long is a competition of creditors


One of the first questions that arises the employer [...]

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Creditors to liquidation


The bankruptcy law, when it regulates the application of voluntary contest [...]

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Express contest with real estate mortgages on the balance sheet of the debtor


I previous from the INTERASESORES Office continue pending bankruptcy proceedings [...]

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Public credits and creditors contest


I company crisis and bankruptcy process without [...]

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Presumptions of guilt of the competition of creditors


In accordance with article 165 of the Bankruptcy Act [...]

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